Students are allowed to check out books for one week:

Kindergarten & 1st grade-one book

2nd & 3rd grades-two books

4th & 5th grades-three books

  • A book may be renewed for a second week, with the exception of the 2017-2018 Sunshine State books, which must be returned to allow other students the opportunity to read them.
  • Students should never loan a library book to another student. The original student will be held responsible for the book if it is lost. Instead, return the book to the media center so other students may check it out for themselves.
  • Students will be responsible for late, lost or damaged books and will not be allowed to check out another book until the late book is returned. Lost or damaged books must be paid for to resume book check out.
  • Every student must have a signed media consent form on file.  Students may not check out any books or materials without this form.


Azalea Park has a flexible scheduling policy. Students may visit the media center at any time for research, reading, and book check out. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students are scheduled for weekly visits to the media center.  Book check-out is a part of their weekly visits. 


Three book fairs will offer students the opportunity to purchase books of their own. One book fair will be held in the fall, with two more in the spring. Money earned from the book fair is used to purchase new books for the media center.